Restaurant «Moldova». The only restaurant of Moldavian cuisine in Moscow. 

The restaurant “Moldova” began his history since 1992 when the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova
was opened in the historical center of Moscow. The restaurant was working for inner circle for a long
time. The guests of the restaurant were the leaders of different countries,CIS ambassadors, politicians,
entertainment stars . After long term reconstruction the restaurant “Moldova” opened his doors for the guests
again in October 2012. The restaurant got the modern image saving the Moldavian uniqueness.

The restaurant “Moldova” welcomes his guests with authentic atmosphere: pictures of old Chisinau view
and picturesque Moldavian villages, fabric handmade carpets. And in the atmosphere there is something
similar with the open and hospitable house “kasa mare”, as Moldavans told, the house where people live
with a big family and welcome a lot of guests.

Moldavian cuisine is well matched with the nature of this land of plenty with its abundance of vegetables,
fruits, greens which has soaked up the sun, warmth and fresh air which these places are famous for.
The restaurant’s menu offers Moldavian and authors dishes cooked by talented Chef Sergey Tsapu.
Probably only here in Moscow you can taste natural Moldavian placinta (traditional pastry resembling
a thin, small round cake with a variety of fillings), mititei (home-made beef and pork sausages), “ziama”
soup with home-made noodles and chicken, tocana (fried meet slices with onion and young garlic) and also
mamaliga which is obligatory for every Moldavian meal. By the way, spices and cornmeal are delivered
from Moldova. And not only hot dishes but home-made cheese, pickled products, blood sausages and
other delicacies are cooked by the touch of the Master’s hand.

And one more pride of the restaurant is an ideal choice of the best Moldavian wines and champagne:
“Purcari”, “Cricova”, “Milestii Mici” and “Gitana Winery” and also Moldavian cognac, vodka and
grape-brandy. Home-made red and white wine is also served in the restaurant and its special taste
harmonizes with the dishes.

Rich cuisine and variety of wines make a good impression on the guests to host the festivities here.
The restaurant has 2 halls: a main hall for up to 50 persons and a separate VIP hall for 12 persons.

And of course we should mention the music and the songs accompanying the meal here. Musical culture
in Moldova is developed no less than gastronomic and the cheerfulness of songs and dances has long
become legendary. In the evenings you can listen and watch them live!